Pet Adoption

Pet Vet Clinic Adoption Policy

All of our kitties/ puppies are vaccinated, wormed and loved from the moment they hit our doors. Our goal is to give these unwanted angels a second chance in a loving caring home that they will thrive in. All kitties are adopted out with the expectation of all required vaccinations and spay/ neutering to be performed when the appropriate age. If the procedure is performed here it will be done at a low-cost adoptive price for loving and saving them. This service and price are only offered towards kittens that have been adopted from Pet Vet Clinic and is funded totally by donations and our Doctor, not by any organization or grants. When you pick a kitten let our staff know, and we will get you all the information and starting paperwork done. The only thing we charge is $50 Adoption Fee to cover some of the care we have given. You will also receive a free “Kitty Pack” to inform you and your family about how to care for your new addition to the family. Feel free to love on us while you’re here!!!!!

Pet Adoptions!

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